Winning Together

Sign up to Evenlox for an individual referral code.
Send the referral code to your friends and receive a cash bonus with the first bookings of your friends.

It's as simple as...

  1. Share your referral code

    Open the "Profile" section in your member area. Copy the code or the link directly from the web application.

  2. Your friends sign up

    If your friends sign up as users or providers using your link, our system automatically recognises the code.

  3. Receive your bonus

    Once your friends book something or the referred venue is getting booked, we will deposit a bonus into your bank account.


How much do I get for referring a friend to Evenlox?

You can always see how much you get and how much you've been rewarded by heading to the "Profile" section in the member area. You'll be able to start inviting friends as soon as you open your account, with the code available on the web application.

    How long is my link or code valid for?

    Your link doesn't expire and can be used whenever you want.

      Why didn't I receive the bonus yet?

      Probably because your friend hasn't booked anything through Evenlox yet or the location your friend registered hasn't been booked yet. If the booking gets cancelled then there won't be any benefits distributed in terms of the referral program as well.

        How do I invite friends to join Evenlox?

        Once you have access to your account, you can invite friends. Log in and find the "Profile" section in the member area menu. Then either copy the code or the link and send it directly to your friends.