Select the suitable pricing model for both your venue as a whole and/or each bookable room.
Which one suits you and your venue best?

Dynamic pricing model: Direct Booking

Can you relate?
  • Have you been looking for a way to only receive booking requests that result in a successful booking?
  • Do you often lose valuable time handling price and date inquires over the phone as well as sending numerous offers back and forth?
  • Have you ever faced potential income losses due to no-shows?
  • Would you like to achieve an even higher customer satisfaction level by offering a simple interface to bookers that answers many potential questions at one glance and both a convenient and time-saving booking process?
  • Have you been looking for a way to effectively promote your venue or lounges on the internet without subscribing to an expensive advertisement plan?
Great! Then the dynamic pricing model is just what you need.

We have successfully digitalized the booking process for you: Select the dynamic pricing model to benefit from Evenlox’ integrated direct booking function and secure payment system (PayPal).

Define your price per bookable unit and receive your earnings by accepting your booking requests with one click conveniently and securely to your bank account 24 hours after your event has ended. True to our motto, winning together: "We only win when you win!"

Successful booking

If Evenlox leads you to a successful booking of your venue and thus increases your turnover, Evenlox is rewarded a commission depending on the amount of your booking for the successful promotion of your venue, the complete booking management and the secure payment processing for you.

No booking

While you wait for your next successful booking, you can enjoy all the benefits on our online marketplace and use all functions and features without any restrictions. No running costs apply at all.

Dynamic pricing model:

  • Price per hour / Min. & Max. price
  • Min. consumption price

No running costs. Per successful booking you pay:

  • 9% commission (excl. 3.4% PayPal transaction fee) up to an amount of CHF 999.00
  • 6% commission (excl. 3.4% PayPal transaction fee) for an amount from CHF 1,000.00 – CHF 4,999.00
  • 3% commission (excl. 3.4% PayPal transaction fee) for an amount from CHF 5,000.00
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Classic pricing model: Price on request

Price on request
  • Are the requests of your bookers or else your offer in each case so highly individualised that you are convinced that even with the possibility to list orderable extras (e.g. equipment, drinks & foods, gifts, cleaning, etc.) it is not possible that your venue can be booked directly on the Evenlox online marketplace?
  • Do you not want to or cannot disclose the pricing of your venue until you have contacted the person making the booking?
  • Or do you simply prefer to pay a fixed monthly / annual amount for the individual representation and successful promotion of your venue on the Evenlox online marketplace?
Don't worry, we’ve got you covered!

With our classic pricing model "Price on request", with every incoming booking request, the information of the person generating a booking request is automatically sent to you via the request form, so that you can contact this lead by yourself or via our integrated chat function. Now send an individual offer and secure a successful booking.

From at least one offered object / room with the price model "price on request", and regardless of the number of individually offered objects / rooms, you only pay an all-inclusive price per listed venue.

Classic pricing model: Price on request

Full profile without restrictions: free of charge

Incoming requests via your profile: free of charge

Optional: Guaranteed bookings with Evenlox Concierge Service

  • 9% commission for amounts up to CHF 999.00
  • 6% commission for amounts between CHF 1,000.00 and CHF 4,999.00
  • 3% commission for amounts over CHF 5,000.00

As a host I advertise my location with Evenlox for free for the first time in front of a very large target audience.

Furthermore, I know of no comparable product that offers this simplicity, functionality and aesthetics in one. In short: I can only recommend the Evenlox offer.

Philipp Berner,
Les Amis