Your Benefits & Prices as a Host

Get to know your benefits as a host with Evenlox, select your pricing model and discover your Evenlox booster.

It's that simple...

  1. 1. Let's get started!

    To begin, register once and for all in 1 minute on our online marketplace for exclusive venues and lounges. Enter your preferred e-mail address to flexibly organise your booking requests and interact with your bookers.

  2. 2. Customise Venue

    Decide if you want to list a venue or lounge, add as many pictures and documents as you like and offer your venue as a whole and/or individually offered rooms for booking. Oh, and don’t forget to create and promote your events!

  3. 3. Add Extras

    Increase your booking revenue by adding complementary services and extras you want to offer. For example, list your equipment, add beverages and foods for your guests or charge a mandatory and individually priced cleaning fee.

  4. 4. Select Pricing

    Select from two pricing models for your venue as a whole and/or your individually offered rooms and now publish your listing. Sit back and relax while you benefit from an increased visibility and Evenlox maximises your revenue.

Your benefits

1. Booking Management

Timesaving booking process and less effort: With one click to your revenue.

Improved customer experience: No more phone calls and quotes.

Simple and efficient reservation & calendar management

Free integrated chat function with your guests

Absolute transparency about your earnings

2. Online-Marketing

Increased visibility online

Avoidance of scattering losses through expensive advertisements with uncertain success

Higher Google ranking through online marketing activities by Evenlox (SEO, Google Ads)

Business optimisation through real-time statistics

Easy integration into your communication channels

3. Individual Configuration

Flexible pricing options and selection between two pricing models (modern or classic)

Host-specific configuration of your venue and orderable extras (e.g. equipment, drinks & foods, cleaning, etc.)

List venue as a whole and/or unlimited number of related of rooms for one all-inclusive price

Easy handling and editable at any time

4. Payment Processing & Support

Smooth payment processing and protection against payment defaults in case of no-shows

Coverage of transaction costs through Evenlox

Safeguarding of the complete payment processing through Evenlox

Secure payment system (PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, AMEX)

Free support