Let us plan your perfect event

Let us find and book the perfect venue for you: all free of charge! You pay nothing for our service (we only ask you to book through us). We can help you with everything from birthday parties, weddings, conferences and special occasions!

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How it’s done

  1. Tell us about your event

    Fill out our simple request form and you will be connected to a personal venue specialist who will contact you within hours.

  2. Get a handpicked selection

    After you have confirmed your requirements, your venue specialist will send you a number of amazing options that match your request.

  3. We'll get the quotes

    Once you have selected your preferred venues from our suggestions, we will do the hard work of getting you a quote and availability. Why is this great? You save a lot of time and skip the annoying waiting times for website requests.

  4. Take a look at your favorites

    If you are satisfied with an offer, we will introduce you directly to our contact at the event venue to show you around.

  5. Ready, set, booked!

    Once you have seen the venue(s) and made a decision, let us know and we can ask the venue to send you the booking form or deposit information. From here, the contact person at the venue can help organise further details.

Contact Evenlox

Evenlox AG
Mühlhofstrasse 21
8266 Steckborn



+41 52 549 12 62



Our event specialists

This is our charming concierge team that is ready to help you plan your event for free. Contact one of us below to start looking for a venue or for more information.

  1. Kevin Gianom Email Kevin
  2. Isabel Bischof Email Isabel
  3. Timothy Brülisauer Email Timothy


  1. Why Evenlox?

    We give everything for your perfect event! Our venue experts discover the most unique and exciting locations in Switzerland for any kind of event. Rooftops, warehouses, an old barge? We have you covered and will reward you on the way there!

  2. How do keep this service free?

    Simple. We offer a booking software for event locations. Our partners who use it receive our service as an addition to the package. Our referral fee is integrated into this agreement with our booking partners.

  3. So, are venue rates higher to cover the commission payment to you?

    Not at all! We quote the same costs to you as the venue quotes to us!

  4. Once I have sent an enquiry, am I committed to make a booking with you?

    Of course not. You are under no obligation to book one of the venues suggested to you. However, if you decide to book one of the venues suggested by us, it is very important that you allow us to introduce you to our contact person there. Please do not go there directly, as we want to avoid double bookings!

  5. What do I do if I would like to look at any of the venues?

    Just tell us which venue(s) you wish to visit and leave it to us to make the necessary arrangements.

  6. What happens once I’ve made the decision to book?

    Once you have chosen the best venue for your event, we will introduce you to the person responsible at the venue. The venue will then provide you with a contract that you can sign and return.

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